We generate positive effects through design.

As a product design agency, Budees collaborates with entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses to deliver innovative solutions for positive impact.

From the opportunity search to the launch, we support you to bring new products to the market.


-A common understanding of the project issues
-A positioning in line with the company’s goals and identity
-Defined user needs
-Defined specifications


-The design of a usage scenario
-A concept made tangible for testing
-CMF search (colors, materials, finishes)
-A feasibility study with industrial partners

3->Build and test

-A development of the selected concept
-A tried and tested solution
-A “fit to be seen” prototype
-Industrial adjustments


-Creative direction in line with your identity
-Packaging design to enhance the user experience
-A compelling presentation to the public

As an SME, you

->Aspire to be competitive,
Our goal is to see you gain market share or conquer new ones. At Budees, we use strategic analysis and design tools to understand your environment, your business and your clients.

->By making a difference in your market,
Thanks to our method, we investigate the levers to cultivate your distinctions or surprise your market with originality. 

->And by reinforcing your brand image.
Our iterative process allows us to reach a desirable solution for your market and thus improve the brand image for your customers.

As a start-up, you

->Try to make your concept tangible,
In the beginning, there is an intuition. Our role at Budees is to bring it to life. Through a process of user tests, we shape it, challenge it and submit it to your users as soon as possible to confirm your offer.

->In a frugale and efficient way,

You need to test your concept as soon as possible and with a limited budget. Thus we have developed a frugal mindset. Through the use of rough mock-ups and frequent user tests, our goal is to quickly reach decision points.

->And create a community.
It is important to communicate your value proposition and your brand to convince your investors and future customers. We work with our partners to bring your message to the world according to your brand positioning.

Our strengths

We understand your needs and those of your customers. By creating value for your users on a daily basis, we have a direct impact on the growth of your business.

We are a general product design agency. We put a fresh and curious eye on your environment. Working in various industries allows us to transfer knowledge. Through our method we shake up preconceived ideas to discover new ways of doing things.

->Entrepreneurial spirit
Our purpose is to contribute to the success of your company. We generate competitive advantages, a brand universe and a user experience in line with your company’s values and mission. More than anything, we want to see you succeed. Our goal? Your growth!

How we accompany you

->We are your teammates
The innovation search is demanding and requires to be present at the right time in order to seize the opportunities. For you, we are flexible, responsive and available, and act as your outsourced design office.

->We spend time where it matters
We have developed a frugal mindset. Through the use of rough mock-ups and frequent user testing, we quickly arrive at decision points. These meetings allow us to retain or discard assumptions and thus focus on the best solution for your market.

->Together, we stay the course
In order to enrich the project, we have set up a system of recurring meetings throughout the project. Flexible according to your schedule, they are used to review the progress of the project, share data and to discuss the choices made during the week.

We envision positive, intuitive and outstanding experiences.

Budees is committed to developing products that have a positive impact on their human, social and ecological environment. By focusing on users and ecological concerns, we offer products that are designed to last, far from perishable trends.

In order to develop clear and intuitive experiences, we pay particular attention to usage scenarios. We develop solutions with and for your users where interactions are simple and frictionless.

At Budees, we imagine ways to make everyday life comfortable. Desirable and coherent for your users, these experiences promote the adoption of your solution by the market.

Together, let’s dream tomorrow through design.

->To have a positive impact on humans, society and the planet,
Design is a powerful tool to mind our ecological, societal and human environment. We are convinced that it is the best way to have a positive impact on our daily lives and the future generations.

->Designing a desirable future,
This drive is reflected in the design of experiences that contribute to the daily well-being of users. Whether it’s enjoying a relaxing moment with the family or working on a construction site, every moment of life can be redesigned.

->By bringing design to small organizations.
Because you are the actors of tomorrow! We see small and medium enterprises as agile structures. This characteristic makes your company a perfect candidate for innovation. And that’s why we want to work with you!